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      COVID-19 Update

      Ottawa Tourism’s top priority is the health and safety of our community and our visitors. Consult our?Visit Ottawa safely page for the latest information.

      Experience all of nada in one place

      Discover the country’s best attractions, celebrations and flavours in Ottawa, nada’s pital!


      Snowfest 613 contest - Win prizes by having snow much fun!
      Want to win great prizes by playing with snow at home during Winterlude? Submit photos of all your snow creations to our contest for your chance to win!
      Ottawa virtual tours, exhibitions, activities and performances
      Looking for fun ways to stay cultured and entertained at home or on the go? Access behind-the-scenes tours, exhibitions, activities and performances online.
      Wonderful outdoor winter activities in Ottawa
      Looking for fun things to do outside this winter by yourself, with friends or with loved-ones? Stay active by skating, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and more.

      Upcoming events

      Winter Pride
      This third annual WinterPride festival celebrates the diversity of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Tune in for great programming including a conversation from…
      Big Bang Festival
      The National Art Centre brings back this fun musil adventure, this time online. Enjoy mini concerts, online radio, interactive parties, and…
      BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival
      The Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival is the World’s largest annual Ice Dragon Boat Festival that takes place on the Rideau nal Skateway.
      The 2021 edition of this annual festival is bringing free nadian winter fun, as well as nada’s rich artistic and cultural diversity, to your home…
      Rideau nal Skateway
      Go skating on the world's largest skating rink which winds its way through downtown Ottawa! Each winter, from roughly January to late February or…

      Ottawa Insider Blog

      Most Popular

      Snowshoeing in and around Ottawa
      Looking for a fun and easy way to get some fresh air and exercise by yourself or with others this winter? Go snowshoeing within the city or in the countryside!
      Best ice skating experiences in Ottawa
      Planning to go skating outdoors with friends and family this winter? Find out the best sites within the city and in the countryside, skate rental options, amenities and more.

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      Welcome to the official website of Ottawa Tourism

      Stay up to date

      Stay up to date on upcoming events and ideas to plan your next trip to Ottawa with friends, family or on your own by signing up for the Ottawa Tourism Newsletter.

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